About Malik Adam James

I Tuwanna Anderson was blessed with my first beautiful son Malik Adam James, on the first day of June in 1983. As we approach what would have been his 35 birthday I have to give you some insight on how amazing he was, and who he was to me his ima: that’s what he called me {which means mom in the Hebrew language}. I found out years later he had so much insight and from the moment I met him the love was unconditional. I instantly fell in love with every part of him, and I knew my life had changed forever. I was 14 when my first bundle of joy arrived. I was young but married and ecstatic to have my first son!! He was a little man from day one, always very independent and had the ability to light up any room with his presence.

My Son Malik Adam James, and what happened to him.

Malik or Hamie as we called him was very different from the average child growing up. He had this shine to him that would glisten from a mile away, and a million dollar smile that would make anything he wanted no issue to obtain: and I mean anything lol, and so our journey began for the next 25 years Hamie and I went through it all. You see, I was a teenage mom still learning and growing so in a sense we grew up together. I had two other children Shahada and Nur, these three were my pride and joy. We were a team, I would often refer to Hamie was father John because he would always need to keep close tabs on his siblings and he always needed to know our whereabouts and do all in his power to ensure safety, or disapprove if it was ever in question. As his mother I provided the necessities, and guided him through the rollercoaster of life, but in many ways he guided me. He taught me what it is to love unconditionally and wholeheartedly, he gave me the motivation to do all that was necessary for my children, and persevere through any challenge I felt to be insurmountable. Our team was close-knit, he never went too far and if he ever did, checking on us was his first priority. Loved by so many, Hamie was truly a blessing even to those who did not have the pleasure of knowing him personally, from his sarcastic humorous personality to his loving charismatic charisma, he was certainly one of a kind. Needless to say Feb 14 2010 was the worst day of my life, I endured a heartache that words couldn’t even begin to describe. My precious son was fatally shot dead and ripped from us, like nothing. Twenty-Five years of growth, wisdom, compassion, perseverance, unconditional love etc was taken from my family and I in seconds, and society barely batted an eye. Hamie was more than my son, he was a brother and in a lot of ways a father as well, he was my role dog, my pride, and joy. The beauty of having children young is that you get to grow with them, but it is the most detrimental part when you’re forced to grow without them, and for a time he was all I knew. My children serve as my purpose, without Shahada and Nur I would not have had the ability to continue on. These past eight years have been a struggle to say the least to our family and all the friends who miss him immensely you see. Malik left his imprint of any and everyone he crossed paths with, he had a big heart and a infectious smile. At 16 years old, I remember a time him and I were walking down the street and he spotted a homeless man shaking his can for money, without no input from me he went in his pocket like a grown man and shared the little he had, in that moment disregarding the teenage-like livelihood he always kept up with. Malik was always fashionable, and loved hanging out with his friends so to witness that kind of generosity and effortless compassion at such a young age was truly inspirational and just a glimpse of how truly amazing he was ❤️

I have tried to move on countless times but then I felt as though something else was lingering. It began to feel as if something was haunting me, and I realized it was because I needed to do more. I needed to find a way to turn my pain into something positive. Making efforts to put a stop to the gun violence that ended my oldest son’s life was a start, but the depression of knowing nothing could bring him back made fighting against this epidemic seem pointless. Fighting was not an option the pain was too great, and I didn’t believe that I possessed the willpower. Eight years later, through an epiphany on the Anniversary of his death February 14, 2018, I came to the realization of what I had to do. This year like every year since Malik was taken from us, I was depressed as February came into play. It never failed I was always angry even if I masked my feelings I was outraged over the whole ordeal. Valentines Day became the most tragically depressing day of the year. It was the day I lost my child, while everyone’s out celebrating their love, I’m learning to live my life without my first blessing who showed me how to. The years never got easier like they promised it would, you just learn how to live to coexist with the pain. Every year revisiting the impact of what Gun Violence has done to me has not been easy, losing a child is horrific, but losing a child to the hands of another human being is indescribable. The idea that someone felt they had the right to senselessly take the life of another human being is a concept I could never fathom. Losing my son was like losing a limb, but worse because there’s not enough treatment to regain that same quality of life. When February came around and I was feeling like the only mother once again that suffers on this day and couldn’t connect with anyone as usual so I decided to go work on my son’s clothing line in honor of Malik, as well as brainstorming ideas for an anti-gun violence program: with a business collaborator and now the Director of the foundation Steven Gonzalez. I knew that starting an anti-gun violence program was necessary, it would aid in saving a life, and in many ways help me gain closure. February 13, 2018. We visited Freeport High School asking for a date that we could bring the non-gun violence program to the students. I was aware that my youngest son Nur God bless him was already taking the message to the schools for 3 years prior with our brand Smooth Individuality a brand he created in honor of Malik and anti-gun violence initiative. Feb 13 2018 something told me it was time for me take my own action. We went to the school not thinking anymore about it, they welcomed us with open arms and the relationship was formulated. For the first time in a long time I genuinely felt good. I found a way to help myself heal by speaking up, I finally wanted to use my voice to share my experience and provide wisdom in hopes of saving a life. Unfortunately when I woke up on Feb 14 2018 I felt the same heartache come back for Feb 14 2018 made 8 long years since my baby was gone. The day was miserable as always didn’t want to connect with anyone after riding around for 3 hours miserable, trying to find a piece of mind. I called Steve, it was late but I knew his so dedication to our cause trumped everything else. I went to his house, secretly feeling all the emotions that february 14 brings, And as soon as I arrived Steve proceeded to tell me what happened in the Parkland Florida school shooting, leaving 17 parents enduring the same pain and agony I was experiencing, at that very moment my new purpose never felt so clear. I knew something needed to be done, and immediately. Their children were ripped from them the same way Malik was ripped from me, no warning, no explanation that would suffice just plain bitter heart ache. The idea that 17 mothers were experiencing my my truth, on the same day was hard to fathom. I looked at Steven and we cried and committed ourselves to help stop this national epidemic and with that: one week later we opened Themalikadamjamesfoundation we are committed to take this non violence message around the 50 states of America starting with Florida partnering with Smoothindividuality the urban brand my son Nur created three years prior to take the message of anti gun violence to the children, and convey the message that hard work and dedication is the only way to persevere. Beating all the adversity that tries to obstruct your path on your journey will be your strength that separates you from the rest! and with that I pledge my life to this cause and I have found peace in that.