Our Mission

In modern day society, we are experiencing a major gun violence epidemic. Across the U.S human beings are senselessly taking each other’s lives, and the nation is suffering. Something MUST be done: The Malik Adam James foundation is one that was destined to be in existence. On February 14, 2009 heaven gained an angel, and society gained the pain of eternal heartache. The life of MAJ was taken as a result of the insensible use of a firearm on the star-crossed streets of Coney Island. Eight Years later, on the same exact day, a mass shooting occurred in a Florida high school, resulting in the death of 17 individuals. This tragic event deepened a wound that never healed. It served as a wakeup call to execute a plan for both immediate and long-term change. We must eliminate the normalization of loss due to gun violence, it is unjust and shameful on our behalves, change is necessary! Our mission is to unfold the real impact of the senseless use of guns, in hopes that it will end the misuse of firearms. February 14th, a day that the nation adopted to express love and compassion, has turned into a day remembered by bloodshed and tears. The nation is facing a crisis, humanity is at stake and the only way to correct this is to universally establish a zero tolerance for gun violence environment.